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Maisetto release debut album for free

Maisetto release debut album for free

A year’s work released for FREE…

…was it worth it?

I’m guessing this isn’t an album you expected to see land in your inbox today.

Yet,  “Moving Forward” is the debut album from UK band Maisetto (formerly Odd Squad) and the lads are giving it away for FREE!

The thing is we haven’t tried to drop this everywhere we can in the weeks leading up to its release as we’re trying something new.

The album is out TODAY and it is FREE if you don’t want to pay for it or you can help the band and buy the track on iTunes… it’s up to you.

However, we’re pretty sure his has the potential to take EVERYONE by surprise.
There will be no hyperbole here. Just a simple statement.

This album is great and it’s free to all who want to listen.

If you want it for free you can download it RIGHT NOW here:

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The band have played across the UK with acts such as Hype Theory, Fearless Vampire Killers, Summerlin, Franco and loads more over the years. They released their debut EP back in 2011 but 3 years later the band have grown up and Moving Forward is the natural progression in this band’s history. If you’re looking for something to spark some interest today then this album is definitely it.

You won’t find a better album released for free this year and we’re quite confident in that statement. (so confident we put it in bold!)

If you want any more info on the band follow the links below or contact me on

“Ones to watch out for…” — FRONT

The best band I’ve ever worked with” – ME! (Liam, Banter Music)

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